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Brand Identity

How do you want your customers or clients to perceive your business? A strong brand identity will convey a message about the business or product it represents by it's use of composition, color, contrast and image. Simplicity is almost always the best approach.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin are all great tools to add to your small business marketing plan. Often small business owners simply do not have the time to manage these social media channels and thus are missing out on opportunities to expand their reach and grow their business. Social media has become a complex and for some, a frightening arena. Just because you "don't do Facebook" doesn't mean you shouldn't use Facebook to engage your customers in ways that you can't do via email or print marketing. It has become the dominant online marketing channel in our digital world and should not be ignored or undervalued.


While some may think of email as "old school" it is actually still an effective way to reach your customers and you need to make sure your email list is growing and constantly being updated. Having a good email contact list will allow you to drive traffic to your web site and your social media channels.

Web site

I use WordPress as my preferred platform for building web sites. It's inexpensive, has lots of great features and is fairly easy to maintain. I can show you how to update your site or if you prefer I offer a monthly web maintenance option. It is important to keep your web site current. It will be obvious for someone researching your business if your website is not current and that can be a non-starter. Driving traffic to your site from various channels is very important so you will want to have a site that anchors your online presence.


Still a viable option for communicating with your customers - especially via snail mail. A good newsletter or other printed promotion can help reinforce your brand along with social media, email and web site.


I have had extensive experience with way finding and signage so I know how important that can be to identify your business and reinforce your brand image. Signs need to be visible and LEGIBLE. It's amazing how often I see signs that are hard to read from a distance. An inexperienced graphic designer often falls into the trap of loving an image close up, on a monitor for example, and forgetting to realize that the image may lose strength and clarity from across the street.


How do you use all of the marketing tools at your disposal most effectively? It starts with having a good marketing strategy based on identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Do you know what it is you do best and where you need to improve? Where are the best opportunities for growth? Who is your competition? Do all of the marketing channels reinforce the same message? Does your blog help drive traffic to your web site? Does your email newsletter give your customers an easy way to like your Facebook page or give you an online review? Does your website show up at or near the top of the Google search list? All of these questions should be addressed by your marketing strategy.


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