Rich Lee, Principal



I am very excited to be returning to do the work I was always meant to do.

I spent some 15 years in design and marketing starting with S&O Consultants in San Francisco and then with Landor Associates - one of the largest and best known design and marketing firms in the world. I then struck out on my own working as a freelance designer. My first client was PG&E where I developed the corporate identity standards for their vehicle fleet following a complete branding makeover which was done by Landor.  After a few more years of doing freelance work and helping to get a family started I spent 4 years at Kate Keating Associates. At KKA I worked as a project designer and project manager for several wayfinding projects including Altera Corp and San Joaquin Valley Hospital.

Scene I shot on a recent 25 mile bike ride in Napa Valley.

Scene I shot on a recent 25 mile bike ride in Napa Valley.

In 1997 my wife, a veterinarian, became the proud owner of Arroyo Veterinary Hospital and, starting in 1998, I switched careers and became a veterinary hospital manager. While at Arroyo I was able to use many of the design skills I had acquired along the way which I used to create Arroyo's brand identity - still in use today. In addition to the many demands of managing a veterinary hospital I did all of the marketing for the practice. So when we sold the business in January of 2017 I was able to convince the new owners to hire me to continue to manage Arroyo's marketing program. This was the perfect launchpad for RichLee Creative!